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Coach_Ron posted:
I have been suffering from on-set rapid heart beat/rate since 1999 where gas buids up and sends my heart into a rapid heart beat attack. Also if I lie down on my back, stomack or right side the same things happens, rapid heart rate. I can only lie on my left side to get any sleep. If I even lean back in a chair or in the car the same thing...rapid heat rate attack.

If I burp all the gas out, after about 15 min. my heart slows down to normal levels 65-72BPM. When it speeds up it goes to about 140BPM with no exercise. I can't tell you how many times I have been to the ER thinking it was my heart... My heart has been checked out AOK by the New England Heart Institute.

I was a very vocal youth sports father/fan and used to yell and over use my diafram when yelling at sporting events. So I'm thinking I have some mechanical problem or hernia. Back in 1999 I did do a test that said I had a "Twisted Stomach" and I do have a belly button herina at this time that can bee seen and confirmed.

My heart is OK and I do not have GERD, heartburn or any reflex problem... It's mechanical when I move or exercise or lie a certian way it builds up the gas and boom!, my heart rate just takes off...

Could this be a diafram hernia putting pressure on my vegas nerve sending my heart rate going??? Right now sitting here typihg this if I put my hand on my solarplex area, I can feel like a spasm/something doing flip flops in the solarplex area right in the center.

This condition has taken away about 15 years of my life since my first trip to the ER with this rapid heart rate in 1999, I was at our Little League field yelling for our Little Leaguer on the fireld...

My diafram yelling was out of control in 3 youth sports over a period of 5 years...So, I think I could have damaged something in there?????

Please Help1...if you have any House thoughts...


Coach Ron...
New Hampshire

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