Severe Non-stop Vomiting for over 96 hours
An_251271 posted:
Sunday: 7AM, my sister started sweating a lot. She had diarrhea twice. She began vomiting soon after that. She also felt dizzy. On Sunday, she vomited over 30 times. A house call doctor gave her 2 liters of fluids and 2 shots of anti-nausea medicine. She felt numbness on her hands, feet, face, and head.

On Monday, she vomited 10-15 times. She was taken to the ER where doctors gave her more fluids.

On Tuesday, she continued vomiting all day - more than 10 times. She had normal stool in the morning. She was on IV fluids all day. She has not eaten or drank anything since Sunday.

She had an ultrasound and cat scan done. She has an inflamed gallbladder, fluid surrounding her gallbladder and a leaking ovarian cyst. The hospitalist (hospital's internist), a GI specialist, and colon and rectal surgeon all know the results of her two tests.

None of the doctors think the the gallbladder or cyst have been causing the vomiting.

Vomiting continues throughout the day. No eating or drinking.

She had an endoscopy that came back normal.

Hepatitis A, B and C came back normal.

Stool sample taken.
Blood culture taken. It came back normal for white blood cells.

All doctors believe she has severe gastroenteritis.

She has had a low grade fever on and off since the onset of her symptoms.

Since Sunday, she has been on meds to stop the nausea.

Summary: Vomiting and nausea for over 96 hours, fever, diarrhea only twice on Sunday morning. She has vomited 60-70 times. Most of it is bile.

What can be causing this?
An_251326 responded:
I would push for a second opinion on whether or not it is related to the cyst. It sounds like her body is trying to purge itself of something, and any fever is a sign of infection. Has she been prescribed any anti-nausea meds, like Finnegrin? Good luck!