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Severe Ulcer Flare-up, or Something More?
An_251326 posted:
I have a brief history of peptic ulcers, usually well-managed with OTC Prevacid. Last week, I had what I think was a flare-up, but I'm unsure because of the severity of the pain. I made sure I was taking my Prevacid over Easter because of big meals, desserts, etc., and two days after Easter, I had a ham sandwich with a roasted red pepper/garlic spread, on whole wheat. The spread was strong, and after a few bites, I scraped it off and had just the ham. About 30 minutes after lunch, my upper abdomen below the ribcage was aching with a strong ache/burning sensation. This eventually spread to even my back and sides, and sometimes my middle abdomen. It only felt better when I sat down and didn't move--when I moved, it re-charged the pain. This whole thing lasted for two days. I ate smaller, normal meals, since I was staying with my boyfriend's parents and was a guest, and that offered some relief, but then it would begin again. I also had uneasy sleep, because when I moved it would begin to burn and I would wake up. Has anyone experienced this? Usually, my ulcer pain doesn't permeate my whole midsection, but stays in the upper abdomen when it occurs. Trying to see if others might have had similar symptoms... Thanks!

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