Easily upset stomach and problems digesting certain things
An_251686 posted:
I have always had an easily upset stomach. Sushi, spicy foods, really anything i like almost always results in diarrhea, literally sushi everytime though.

Another thing that i've noticed that is strange is that often times my body doesn't fully digest the foods i eat, for example i notice bits of salad or seeds or chives in my stool. Also whenever i drink things that contain red food coloring, my stool is red. Hawaiian punch does it and sometimes daiquiris do as well.

I've always had these problems for the most part and i'm just a little concerned. Should i talk to my doctor about this? I'm afraid he is just going to tell me to stop eating the foods that i love and i am willing to put up with the constant upset stomach if that is the case.
sheba_q responded:
It's worth doing some testing to find out if there's something that you're reacting to (food intolerance). The problem is that we don't always have an automatic reaction - it can take hours to days for it to happen. So while you feel like you're reacting to everything, it could be just one thing and if you remove it then you end up removing the problem.

I wouldn't worry about the food coloring - it's not uncommon. Green, blue and purple food coloring are usually the reason for (at times rather neon) green stool. I know if I eat a fair amount of black licorice or black jelly beans then I'm going to end up with with rather disturbing looking green-black stools - but I know it's just the food coloring and it'll pass.