Is it IBS??
punkinz13 posted:
I have had this for awhile now and getting nervous about it After I eat a meal within 30-45 minutes after I eat I get diarhea with bad cramping. If it is IBS is there certain things that I should be eating or taking to help releive this?
sheba_q responded:
It could be a lot of things. Without any testing you just don't know. Along with IBS the most likely culprits are food intolerance and gallbladder problems. It could also be a side effect from another medical condition or a side effect from medication. Or it could be IBD or any number of other conditions.
Bertney1012 responded:
I am 23 years old and have had that problem for 8 years. 4 years ago they treated me for CDIFF. Now all they say is that I have IBS. I've lost over 50lbs in the last year, got booted from school due to my health, as well as miscarrying a child. NOW, after 2 weeks of tissue, excess mucus coming from my anus i'm pretty sure i'm having a rectal prolapse..just yesterday I woke up to a bad belly ache, it was just gas, an hour later I woke up and I was wiping blood after my bowel movement. I looked down and it was nothing but blood and stool. I have 2 children and at this future to look forward to. GET TESTS. Food going through you like that is not normal EVER.