return of palpitations
mikayelsalomon posted:
posted a couple of years ago with a long comment that's probably been removed, i used to reduce food intake to less than 2000kcal a day palpitations reduced at night but so did my weight by 2 or 3 stone "not good" i used to eat the same food groups daily untill i got sectioned i went nuts in hospital and pigged out breaking food records patients looked on in amazement "how much bread is he eating woew he just eat 3 or 4 puddings in a row" the palpitations stopped all strange sore tickly pains in the chest disappeared within 2 days of being hospitalised oh and i smoked like a chimney the only medication i took was 30mg lanzoprazole once daily "still do". 1 year later and palpitations have returned couldn't get to sleep for 4 hours because of them and i took the daily precautions eating my final supper meal of around 1000kcal lol 5 hours before bedtime i only snack on a banana 1 hour 30 minutes after final meal to neutralise and try to stop digestive juices from coming up when i'm lying down weird my heart was pounding all night within 20 minutes of lying down acid refluxed onto sore lesions ulcers or swollen asophagael thats what the palpitations are from "i believe" dont know what to do next maybe reduce carbs a little and final meal 5 and a half hours before bed instead of 5. cutting orange juice and caffeine out completely help.