I have indigestion all the time
lilacblue50 posted:
I have indigestion all the time and can't ever seem to get rid of it no matter what I do I've been tested for acid reflux they didn't find it ? I know the Dr. would do a bland diet but I might as well die no flavoring such as salt / pepper any spicy things yuck any Ideas ? ? Julie
sheba_q responded:
You have to decide if you want to live the rest of your life feeling like you do now or not. If you don't then you're going to have to try to pinpoint what might be bothering your system and cut it out of your diet. Spicy food isn't the only possible culprit, so you may not be doomed to bland food forever.

When you say indigestion, what exactly do you mean. What symptoms do you have? Do you have any medical conditions/take any medications (prescription and over the counter)? What do you eat in an average day?