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    Intestinal Issues for years..only 23 HELP!
    Bertney1012 posted:
    Okay, so I have had belly problems for too long! At 15 I was having the WORST belly pains so my mom brought me to the doctor and he then decided I needed my first colonoscopy. Everything was normal. Through the years I..kind of took the low road for a little while and..well, self medicated. So needless to say, at that time, I didn't really care nor feel my pain anymore.At the age of 19 my fiance and I became pregnant with our first born and our lives had changed! We had EVERYTHING to live for-except my belly pain was right there waiting for me..with a vengance. The midwife was trying to help me out but all she was offering was VICODIN!! So I said no, and stuck it out. A few months later we became pregnant with our youngest. I gave birth to him at 34 weeks. He is was a fighter! In the NICU for a little while but now is 2 1/2 and doing great! However..Shortly after I gave birth to heath took a turn for the worst. I ended up with a GI specialist who started explaining about my stomach..I went home that day confused and with a large bag full of all sorts of different bottles to collect stool in, and a prescription for god knows what. So anyway, I started taking the medicine only to find I was sick to my stomach from them! I called my doctor explained NUMEROUS times I WAS eating with the meds and no, I do not drink alcohol anymore so that is also not the case. Frustrated I hurried off the phone and called the pharmacist where she went on to tell me I was being treated for CDIFF. Again confused, I jumped on google..I was TERRIFIED! I remember I called my mom bawling my eyes out..I ended up stopping going to that hospital and went to a little "sister hospital" in my small town. The Doctor was AMAZING! But just as quick we had to move back to that other I had to see that GI specialist again. I started losing weight quite rapidly and they could provide me with no answers. She then went on to tell my mother and I that I had to be either depressed or anorexic. I'm def. not. I use to LOVE to eat! But now, its so bad I can feel EVERYTHING I eat going down..and then I have to run to the bathroom. at that point I asked for a 2nd opinion..and got somebody who works right under her. Currently (from last year til now) I have lost over 50 lbs I know weigh 101 lbs. and still losing! I was in school for cosmetology and was dropped because of my health, very recently just found I was pregnant and miscarried-because of my health. Which brings me to now, over 2 weeks ago I called my GI doc and told her I had a LOT of mucus and tissue discharging from my anus. (sorry forgot to mention, I have had diahrrea for the last 8 years and when I try to "push'' it literally takes a few seconds to even get it open..I get very tense down there when its suppose to losen.) ANYWAYYY soo a few days ago when I got me sick to my stomach, like I wiped something that WAS NOT suppose to be wiped. I got in for an appt. It took over A MINUTE to get my anus open so she could take a look. She said something about anal prolapse and that I need to be seen by pelvic floorist in the morning. Morning came, 1 hour before my alarm goes off I awake to a belly ache, I try to use the bathroom but only gas. 1 hour later I wake up to my alarm, start going to the bathroom, I wipe, and whatya know, BLOOODDD! And I mean mixed in with my stool and had to wipe a few times. Called my docs nurse she told me to come to ER, as I was getting ready I get a phone call back telling me she talked to my doc and it's "probably just a ruptured hemoriod." and to NOT go to ER. So I went to the Mayo ER ...NOT a hemoriod..and I have an appt to be seen with THEIR specialist an a week. Which brings me to right now, The day after the bloody stool) The blood has tapered off however now there is a green gooey substance discharging from my anus..I am scared and nobody is giving me answers I keep getting pushed off saying "its IBS you're fine" Comments are very much appreciated!

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