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Hiatal Hernia, GERD, and AFIB/PVC's
vtville posted:
Hi there - This is my first time posting here. I've been doing a lot of reading on the forum over the last couple weeks and I thought it was now time to post something to see if anyone has any suggestions.

My story: I am 38 years old, generally very healthy, and active. I run, play sports, and enjoy life. I have had a heart arrythmia for approx. 20 years. Something called SVT. I control it by taking the beta blocker 'Atenolol.' It is generally under control and haven't had many episodes over the last few years at all.

In January I had an episode of Atrial Fibrillation(AFIB) that lasted 24 hours and went to the hospital and eventually had to have a cardiaversion to stop it. That worked. Heart went back into normal rhythm

Since that time though I have had many, many PVC beats that have been really bothering me. Lots of them each day, and just not being comfortable. I can't exercise because they happen when I exercise.

Here's where it gets interesting from my perspective. It was recently discovered that I have a small sliding hiatal hernia and GERD. Now I can tell you that almost every single time I have a PVC it is after eating or if my stomach is compressed.(like bending over to pick something up.)

And when I think back to my past SVT episodes years ago almost all of them happened after bending down or eating. Example. I once picked up a golf ball of the ground. When I stood up I immediately went into a very fast SVT episode.

I have had EKG, Echo, Holter monitor, etc... All it picks up are PVC's which my cardiologist says are nothing to worry about. When I mention the hernia thing to him he does not know of any connection between the heart rhythms and the hernia. he does think there might be a connection between my vagus nerve and my heart rhythms since these rhythms happen after eating or if I compress my stomach which might upset the vagus nerve. But it doesn't seem like there is much that can be done about it according to him.

Just saw a GI specialist and same deal....he doesn't think there is any connection between hernia and the heart stuff. He also said "maybe it's the vagus nerve, but you don't want to take that out."

I'm at a loss for what to do next. I'm miserable. I have lost 20 pounds because I worry about eating and it affecting my heart rhythm. I am a healthy person, but this heart/hernia thing is driving me nuts. My lifestyle has completely changed in the last 5 months since the AFIB episode since I started getting these PVC's.

Would love to hear any advice or feedback anyone has. I know there are many people who explain similar stories on here and I'm just wondering if there is ONE success story out there of anyone at all that has come back from this and figured out what to do?

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this and respond.

barbyj responded:
Hi vtville:

My husband has almost the exact same story as you. He hasn't been diagnosed with the hiatal hernia (yet) as his cardiologists basically keep poo-pooing the connection. Did you see the Mayo study done in 2010 linking the hernia to AFib?

Husband is on Flecanide and Metropolol (sp) and he's been so frightened by the docs that he dares not go off them.

Husband recently went to our chiropractor who did a specific adjustment and he came home feeling better than he had in 2 weeks. Went golfing and for a 2 mile walk. Before the adjustment, all he did was sit.

We do limit the quantity of food for evening meal. Cut out coffee and all other stimulants.

Just wanted to see if you have any updates to share.

vtville replied to barbyj's response:
Hi, thanks for your story. I am on Atenolol since the last 15 years. it had controlled my SVT perfectly. I too have been getting adjusted by Chiro for the hernia but not a lot of improvement.

I'm at a point where it seems almost anything I eat affects my heart beat and stomach bloating.

I have not seen the mayo 2010 study. I'll have to google that.

I am trying taking magnesium now and some pantoprazole for my stomach. limited success so far.

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