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Please Help! 31 year old Female with multiple GI issues?!? SO SCARED!
rpcmomma posted:
I will start at the beginning...
I am a 31 year old female from Canada.
I have 4 small boys so I am constantly on the go.

A few years ago I started to get some "brain fog" off and on and some pain in my pelvic area. The brain fog would only last a few seconds and then go away. I would also start to have some lower pelvic pain which no dr was ever concerned with. In February of this year, I went to the emergency room because I had a pain in my abdomen and the dr thought it might be my appendix so I had a CT scan that came back clear... no issues... so I just went on with normal life.

I have always been fairly healthy physically.... at the beginning of April, I started to notice this "brain fog" was coming back... intermittent at first then fairly constant until it was there all of the time. I went to the dr and I explained it as being dizzy or a feeling of being drunk or high all the time. I was concerned something in my head was not right.

The next day I started having abnormal stools... this has been going on for almost 8 weeks now.

My first concerns were of course my head so I was sent for an MRI which took a few weeks to get... of course ignoring my other stomach/stool issues. The MRI came back clear.. which was a relief. In the mean time I had been to the ER 3 more times and all doctors said they don't believe anything was wrong in my head.. as well I explained to them that I was also having issues with my stool being abnormal.

I finally went back to the dr after my stool has not gone back to "normal".

I have explained that my stool is quite mushy/soft and sometimes diarreah like.. always mucousy... so of course something is wrong.

So of course I go online and start to research and now I get paranoid because it sounds like the pancreas or gall bladder etc.. and I think the worst....

Most every morning I have felt nauseaus until l ate something.

My dr thinks I have IBS.. he gave me dicetel and told me to take Metamucil as well.

He also scheduled me for an ultrasound and another CT scan to make me "feel better" ... well I had the ultrasound and the CT and all is clear except they found a small cyst in my ovary they are not concerned with.

Since last Wednesday, I have vomited a lot more and also forgot to mention I have from the beginning of this started having bad gag reflex.. dry mouth sometimes have trouble swallowing but then it gets better...

So as of last Wednesday I vomited a few times a day sometimes once sometimes a lot more... mostly feel nauseaus in the morning until I eat... I now feel as there is something always stuck in my throat and have a burning feeling in my chest... I have scheduled colonoscopy and endoscopy for June 22, 2013... I am so scared something is terribly wrong with me... I am so stressed.. I want to cry all the time... I have been off work since April and it seems there are more symptoms being added all of the time....

The brain fog has not yet gone away which makes everything more difficult to deal with.

I have a small cough and tickle in my throat along with the gag reflex, feeling of nausea in the morning, sometimes pain in my back and ribs and the bowel movements have not improved...

I am so so scared and any insight to any of this would be appreciated...
I just want to cry all of the time.


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