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no taste for months and months...
joeinindy posted:
This isn't a digestive disorder but this was the best category to submit my complaint:
I am having issues with my mouth-chiefly, I haven't been able to taste anything for over 6 months now. At times, my tongue will get small areas that look like the outer surface has been burned off, although it's not a burn. It happens especially if I eat anything acidic, like tomatoes, ketchup, strawberries, cherries, salsa, in particular. My saliva reacts to carbonated beverages by causing them to foam up when I take a drink, like hydrogen peroxide foams. It also appears foamy. I feel like there is a coating on my tongue and mouth.
I have seen 5 different doctors-2 internal medicidine, 2 ENT, and a dentist. One treated me for any sort of infection: bacterial, fungal, sinus. The fungal medication seem to cause the patches on my tongue but now they appear at times and I'm not on any specific medication for the symptoms. One ENT did a scope up my nose, checked my hearing and suggested mouthwash containing steroids, which is expensive and my insurance won't cover much of the cost. The latest suggested B-12 supplements as I also suffer from digestive issues. I take Aciphex 20 mg a day for the stomach acid that I get after eating. He suggested that the B-12 has been leached from my system due to years of anti-acid medications. The B-12 did not cause any change. He also indicated that my sinuses appear clear.
The closest case I have found out there was of a man with this condition who had a cyst or tumor in his sinuses that was diagnosed after an MRI. I have kept my sense of smell through this so I am still able to eat although I don' t enjoy it like I want to. The 2nd ENT said that I did not need an MRI.
I thought that it may have been environmental as I moved from an apartment to a motel for a time and now live back in a home, but after 2 months in a different state, the symptoms remain.
I have been a dip-tobacco user for 30 years and get oral cancer screenings. The doctors have found no issues from my usage, although one suggested I stop, and the last suggested I try a different brand to see if that helps. I've stopped for a couple of weeks and tried a different flavor but no change. I don't know if the blend that I used has been changed as I can't enjoy and taste it either like I used to.
It's like my ph or my system is acidic to anything I eat and drink but no one has a solution. Any ideas? Thank you.


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