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Some Acid Reflux Symtoms but other symptoms also that don't fit Acid Reflux!!!...Confused for a year already!!!
An_252378 posted:

I am having a really strange similar story and i am trying to figure out what it is.

So it all started with a feeling like a lump where the appendix is and it felt like a bunch of pressure and twisting in my stomach and chest. There was also pressure and pain behind my eyes. It was most uncomfortable and painfull when i would lie down. When i lay down i feel like around my chest area something is twisting and in a knot and also I could feel my eye being compressed from the inside and my temples sometimes (once in 2 weeks) would hurt bad.
Sometimes -like once every 2 weeks i got no sleep and eventually ended up having to sleep sitting up practically (because it kind of reieved some symptoms i describe above). Does anyone who experiences acid reflux also experience temple-aches and the other symptoms i described above? And I also have pinching pains in my legs when i lie down or when i use my legs a lot (like run)...could this be tied to acid reflux? ( side note:***actually the pinching in the legs and "bubbling-which feels like a part of my leg rising up and down fast" in my legs randomly and especially when sitting on my legs for long time or running was the first symptom i had happened before all other symptoms described in this post..) For the pinching in my legs as well as bubbling-I got perscribed antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. The meds never helped the symtoms and more symtoms appeared which i described above.

I am getting worried because it's been a year, and newly perscribed acid reflux medications don't help. So i am about to get a CT scan tomorrow.

Why my symptoms to me seem partly like acid reflux (as well as to my doctor) is because i throw up easily after any exercise but only a little bit in my throat. And also i feel pinching like burning in my neck as well as constantly feel a lump in my throat as well as between my stomach and intestine.

If you possibly know, please tell me any info you know of (from experience or otherwise) which could explain what symptoms i have...

My doctor also thinks what i experience may be anxiety related so she perscribed gabapentin (stomach relaxer which works on gaba receptors i she said it would relieve my stomach issues and lessen my anxiety) Despite disagreeing with my doc about anxiety causing my symptoms, I still took the antianxiety pills (gabapentin) she perscribed and that has not helped..only made me really tired.

Also i got my esophagus checked with an upper endoscopy today and the doctor said it looked "fine". Could it still be that i am having acid reflux dispite the fact that he said it looked "fine"?? Like does the fact that he said "your upper endoscopy looked fine" involve that he did not find any acid to give evidence to me experiencing acid reflux? Or could i be having acid reflux, and he just doesn't notice it with the upper endoscopy?

One other thing i should mention: I was diagnosed with bipolar in 12th grade and throughout my life with bipolar, i have had manic episodes where they put me on pretty "poisonous" drugs in the Depakote and Lithium. Both can cause liver/kidney damage although i do not know how bad...also are there tests you know of which could test liver and kidney damage?

Please respond as soon as possible. I am at a loss for what to do. I am not that old-I am turning 22 in September and I am slightly overwieght (like 10 pounds).

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