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Question about gallbladder
perthy posted:
I have a question about my gallbladder.

I was admitted to hospital through the ER with pancreatitis about two months ago. Treated conservatively and was released ten days later. Doctors had no idea what caused the pancreatitis, they even spent three days running tests and finally gave up. Told me the gallbladder was fine, did not cause it. And I did not have stones.

Forward 16 days. I end up in another ER with severe pain. (Didn't go back to th first hospital by mistake - neighbor thought the 2nd was the one I was at in the first place.) Spent five days there.

Still had some of the pancreatitis, but this time the gallbladder was inflamed and partially blocked. Was told I had stones. (Not true.) Insisted gallbladder caused pancreatitis. (Not true again.) I asked why gallbladder was inflamed, what exactly was wrong with it. Was told either "I don't know" or "It happens". Told me other hospital misdiagnosed me. (Not true AGAIN.) I asked what had caused the severe pain that sent me back to the ER and got the same dumb replies: It happens, we don't know. Even the GI specialist said he didn't know what caused the pain. I wanted to scream.

They absolutely insisted gallbladder must be removed and I strongly resisted. They could not give me a straight answer to any of my questions. Kept insisting gallbladder must be removed. I flatly refused on grounds I had no confidence in them and demanded to be be released to seek a second opinion. They were not happy with that request. Finally released me the following day. Insisted I'd be back in the ER with symptoms within a week. (They're mistaken, it's been a month and NO symptoms at all.)

Followup with primary doctor shows gallbladder not inflamed anymore and no stones. Gallbladder normal and functioning properly now. Primary quite puzzled, says it s quite uncommon the gallbladder resolved itself.

Frankly, I think a lingering virus caused the drama. Or the pancreatic pseudocyst (now resolved) did.

So, the question is...why was the gallbladder inflamed and what caused it? And how the heck did it just up and heal itself?!

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