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Confused after appt
nic14120 posted:
So last Sat i started to experience an ache right in my upper rib cage, where my stomach is located. It was more of a dull ache and felt like something was there. I noticed with this that I had excessive burping. My stools were normal prob an extra 2-3x a day. Tue I experienced a bout of diarreah. I still experienced this dull ache, it would sometimes move from the stomach area to right under my breasts. This sensation has been pretty constant. Since last week I had twp bouts of diarreah only, and normal stools. Yesterday into today I have that dull ache higher up so I went and saw the physician assistant. She pressed hard on my belly while breathing out and the sode i have the dull ache i was sensative to. She said she isnt't sure but will order a sono of my belly. She ordered prilosec to take for 1-2 wks to see if it helps and to treat it as a ulcer/reflux. I told her I don't have any burning. She said if the meds don't help, and the sono is clear, she will order a scope to look inside. Anyonr have any ideas? I feel like I eould rather know what it is before treating it with meds for what it may not be. I am worried it could be colon cancer (i am a 35 yr old f); she said usually issues eith colon cancer present constipation issues.
sheba_q responded:
First off, you can fairly easily rule out colon cancer - that's a lower abdominal problem and what you're describing is mostly upper abdominal.

It's not uncommon to have reflux without any noticeable burning, so you can't rule that out. Many doctors will prescribe a short course of meds to see if that's the problem without having to do a scope (which many people try to avoid having done).

If you haven't done it already, a food/symptom diary is a very good thing to have. Basically every day you write down everything you consume - food, drink, meds, vitamins, gum, etc as well as any symptoms you have. Showing the doctor a couple weeks worth of info like that is more useful than trying to describe what's going on.

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