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My Body is like shrinking no matter what I eat
me_anmol posted:
I suffer from theses symptoms from my childhood probably. I am 21 now. I have gone to various doctors but none

could help me. I eat a lot and nothing of outside. No oily, fried, spicy food. And I don't have fast metabolism.


1. General weakness

2. No growth in stamina

3. Very thin wrists and lower leg.

4. Pain in lower legs

4. In winters, legs and especially Hands get cold and white.

5. Hair are dry and breaks a lot, skin is also dull and dry.

6. No weight and Height growth since 4-5 years

7. I can see my lungs.

8. My buttock is flat and sitting makes it pain.

8. I go to toilet 3 times a day but sometimes it is 3 times in the morning and 2-3 times later in the day.

Why is that my body doesn't extract nutrition from the food I eat? Its like I eat, body extract energy for

survival and it gets out. No growth.. As if my body is shrinking
sheba_q responded:
I have a few questions. What tests have the doctors run / what have they looked for? Do you have any known health conditions, take any meds, vitamins, etc? What do you eat and when during the day?

From what you've written, I'd have to say that you're underweight and not absorbing many nutrients from your food. You likely have low iron and low B12, which isn't helping you.

Unfortunately no one here can guess why without more information.
me_anmol replied to sheba_q's response:
Tests: Ultrasound, Stool. They looked for any abnormality but All Clear.

No known Health Condition, Right now Taking Tibetan Herbal Medicines. Doctor gave me meds for enzymes and Immunity.

Food: I eat cooked Vegetables with Chapati or rice with few fruits in between meals.

Yes, I am underweight, Its hard to maintain weight. It gets down easily.
sheba_q replied to me_anmol's response:
Why the limited diet? Cooked veg with flatbread or rice and a bit of fruit isn't the most balanced diet.

Symptoms of Severe Protein Deficiency:

* Edema (swelling)
* Thinning brittle hair and/or hair loss
* Ridges in finger and toe nails
* Skin rashes; dry skin
* Weak and tired
* Muscle soreness and cramps
* Slow healing
* Skin ulcers
* Sleep issues
* Headache
* Nausea
* Fainting
* Depression/anxiety

There's a lot of overlap with what you posted. While meat is the simplest protein, it isn't the only one available.

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