A little nervous
An_252535 posted:
I am a 21 y.o. male 6ft 220lbs. About 2 weeks ago I was in the shower and while cleaning myself I noticed a small bump about the size of a pimple near my anus. I do not know how long it has been there. I cannot feel it throughout the day nor when I go to the bathroom only if i feel for it. My fear is that it is some form of cancer. It is not difficult for me to pass stools especially since about 3 weeks ago i started getting some fiber in my diet and laying off the red meats. this last day i have been extra nervous and accompanying that is what feels like constipation which I now know is a symptom of colon cancer. I don't really know what classifies as constipation but i know that i feel like I need to go right now and cant. two days ago i was fine and went twice. The only time I have ever bled from going to the bathroom was a couple years ago when I took one that was so large and sharp that it tore my anus. not sure if this bump is from that and I never found it until now.