Am I A Medical Anomaly
Hopper79 posted:
All water makes me sick and dr. Pepper is the only drink I can have. I have a higher cognitive function on dr pepper. Lemonade makes me sleepy, tea and fruit juice make me sick as well as clear soda and root beer. I don't eat any fruit and only green beans and corn and potatoes I only eat coco puffs, cheese burgers Mac and cheese and fried chicken bites and french fries. Cows milk with coco puffs. I am a wee bit overweight mainly do to all the carbs I eat. My bones don't ache, I am somewhat active when not at work in a grocery store, full time. I consume 50+ oz of dr. Pepper a day. Coke products make me crazy. If I have water my mind can't function to the best of it's abilities. Any ideas here?