Newly Diagnosed: lymphocytic colitis
Twinsmommy05 posted:
Hi there! I'm 31 years old and I was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis today. From what I'm reading it's a rare inflammatory bowel disease, also known as microscopic colitis. I also read that it is typically diagnosed in women 50+ years old. Does anyone have experience with this? I've already tried some if the recommendations including dietary changes (I'm living on mashed potatoes and applesauce because anything else causes horrible pain, nausea, and diarrhea). I've also tried Imodium and metamucil/benefiber? Every day is a fight to stay hydrated and away from the hospital for IV fluids.
calgal37 responded:
Although much of the literature says it's rare, that doesn't seem to be the case since it's being seen more and more often. Sit and talk with your doctor about some of the medications that are typically used for forms of IBD can be used to help to bring the situation under control.