Slow Digestion and related pain?
An_252647 posted:
Hi All,

I am a female, age 29, and thought I was in good shape. I run marathons and eat almost completely organic and stay away from red meats entirely. I recently had an ovarian cyst burst and it resulted in a night of violent vomiting, nausea, and a fitful night in the ER. Afterwards I noticed that after I ate I felt extremely bloated and was in a lot of pain after meals. It felt as though I had a large build up of pressure and needed to burp constantly and when I did I occasionally spit up undigested food. I went to the doctor numerous times and the recent diagnosis is that my stomach is digesting food very slowly. I was prescribed a pill to take and its stayed about the same. Recently though I have been developing chest pains/shortness of breath/pain while breathing and even woke up once or twice struggling for air. I checked the new prescription and my birth control in case they caused shortness of breath and neither did. Could these symptoms be related? If so, what would be the best way to treat this?

sheba_q responded:
Have you taken any antibiotics or any other meds recently? What did the doctor prescribe?