Tests to determine why almost everything gives me terrible gas
bitco555 posted:
I used to have gas so terrible that I spent most of the day at work in the bathroom with terrible cramps, and would pass gas so loudly that I was afraid people would hear me. I was taking probiotics, beano, gasx, & lactaid and nothing would help. The only thing that got me down to a normal amount of gas was to eat only rice, meat, squash, zuchinni, and tomatoes. I have been lactose intolerant for many years, and lettuce & citrus goes right through me with bad cramping (other family members can't eat lettuce either) There is obviously something seriously wrong with my digestive system. This hit when I was about 45. So my question is this, is there some kind of blood test I can take that can tell me what is wrong with my digestive system? Maybe my pancreas, intestines, or liver are screwed up? My doctor suggested a colonoscopy, but I don't know how that could tell me why I can't digest just about anything without getting insane amounts of gas.
georgiagail responded:
A blood test would be useless in giving you the answer you seek.