Chronic constipation, loud intestinal noises and many more symptoms...
NeatPete posted:
Hello WebMD community!
I'd like to ask You guys for help because I don't know what to do with myself anymore.

I don't really know where to put this description of my problems, cause they're all over my body but the worst are in my digestive system.

So, I guess it'll be best to describe how do I feel during my whole day:

Waking up is worst moment - I feel weak and numb, my nose is full, I've got red, swollen cheeks and purple circles under my eyes which are also swollen (eyelids) and tired. I can hear my heart pumping slowly.

Then, after like 15 minutes I feel much better. From 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock I almost have no problems, only constipation, coughing up white/yellow phlegm and having itching gums, and these I have everyday, almost all the time. Then, always around 17 I start feeling very weak and dizzy, I feel more itching in my gums, sometimes all of my veins are very visible.

It all started 7-8 years ago with balding on top of my head and long lasting fevers without any "scientific explanation". I also have some spots on my feet and sometimes they're just spots but sometimes many tiny dots/scabs appear inside of them.

My hair are growing back after 7 years of bald spots, and I don't really know why...

I also have problems with urinary tract but I think it's not connected cause I have it for a short time.

So, if anyone would know what could be the problem... well, that person will be a hero.
Larry_Hoberman responded:
Hi NeatPete: Sorry to read about your symptoms, particularly the constipation. If you're experiencing 3 stools or less per week, you have a problem, but it's a common one that can be treated very gently by taking a multi-species probiotic, ideally about 30 minutes before you eat a morning meal. I'm not sure about your other symptoms, but taking a probiotic may certainly help.