An_253051 posted:
I feel nauseous but burping alleviates the pain temporarely. I am also bloated and have pain that comes and goes on my left abdominal area that is tender to touch. I don't have regular bowls. This has been happening for years. Sometimes its worse than others. In the past I feel like this till finally I have a painful bowl movement that is usually watery and dark colored. But right now I pretty sure I am pregnant but I don't think that is the cause because like I said this has been happening in the past. On one occasion I was constipated for almost two weeks so I took some laxatives and the next more I was in such pain on toilet with diahrea and feeling like I was going to vomit at same time. I broke out in a sweat. Then I after I that I was fine. I don't have insurance and doctors office wont see me unless I pay off a 2000 dollar bill they said.
Jessie31 responded:
Well about three weeks I had to go to the er because I kept feeling nauseous and I couldn't vomit all I could do was belch and I was also having bad heartburn. The doctor did blood work on me he also checked my urine and they also did an ultrasound on my gall bladder because I was having gall bladder symptoms. But they all came back fine, the only thing was that my white blood cell count was up a little. So he thought that I had a stomach virus. And I also have a little pain on my right abdominal area. But I also have acid reflux, and I had to make changes to my diet to control it but I still get gassy and belch almost everything I eat up. I take Prilosec every morning. It sounds like you have acid reflux to me or IBS because the two can work hand in hand together.