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Chronic pancreatitis
Gopalkasturi posted:
My age is 27-M,I underwent a surgery in my age of 16 yrs , truncal vagatomy and posterior jejunogemy.(in the US scannig it was mentioned calcified pancreas). I was asked to continue pankreoflat there after.
I was fine for the first few months then later i observed oily stool- at that time i was so scared and not let my parents knew this disorder and got no treatment body was maintiaining the same weight of 55kgs for the past few years.
for the past 3 years I was trying to take medications to avoid steatorrhea.
I visited AIG a year back at hyderabad(/06/2012). conclusion of US report was 1.chronic pancreatitis, PD6mm at the head , no peripancreatic edema, no fluid collection. treat ment given was creon 25000, selvit cp.
Again i visited yesterday(/09/2013) my US report was 1. Chronic pancreatitis with mildly dilated PD, no peri pancreatic edema, no fluid collection. -same medication is aked to continue.
I am always worried- unnecessarily i avoided telling my parents reg the problem i am facing, if i would have told i would have got a better treatment? will my pancreas be working fine ? my pancreas is more exposed to get pancreatic cancer/ any more risks ? what would be my life span ? I am married and had a kid now that makes me more worried...

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