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    gastro Paresis and FIRE IN THE BLOOD movie
    sunild1204 posted:
    Okay guys; let's understand how PPI class of drugs can cause the acidity issues
    I have seen that women are the most suffering from this issue as I guess they seems to have more interaction with doctors because
    of women related issues.
    In a typical scenario this is what happens:-->>

    1) A Person goes to Doctor for some issues for which a small surgery was performed.
    2) A Person is now prescribed Antibiotics, Painkillers, and PPI class of drugs for acid suppression as Painkillers & Antibiotics cause acidity issues and hence Doctors now as per latest technology use Acid Blockers and NOT Acid neutralizing that was done before Year 1989.
    3) A person is asked to continue this prescription for 1-2 weeks ore more; till the surgical area can be healed.
    4) A Person has completed the duration of prescription and now discontinues the drugs prescribed including PPI class of drugs
    5) Doctors have probably forgotten the ACID REBOUND effect of PPI class of drugs so they never asked patient to do acid neutralizing for the acid that was released after stopping of PPI class of drugs.
    6) A Person now feels more bouts of nausea,heaviness etc that are symptoms of acid released becuase of rebound effect of Stopping PPI.
    7) So now if you did not have a leaky gut and you did not have a time; you will just ignore these symptoms and so you are saved for the rest.
    But now if you panic and go back to doctor and Inform that you now have nausea , heaviness etc that are symptoms of Acidity, what happens is that Doctors now put you back on PPI class of drugs to manage your acidity issues.
    9) This is now a case where PPI stop acidity for a time , but when you stop them there is a Acid rebound which causes more acid release and since no acid neutralization was recommended upon stopping of PPI you start to get acidity issues.
    10) A person can come out of this LOOP if they did acid neutralizing after stopping of PPI class of drugs. But did your doctors inform you this??
    11) A study has already been published that PPI cause and enhance delayed emptying issues (Gastro Paresis) . What if we went back to old ways of acid neutralizing and stopped using acid blockers? Will not the problem go away then !!!. And what more proof is needed?
    A simple problem of Acidity has become Frankenstein monster in the form of Gastro paresis and most of your are the living proof of how Pharmaceutical are playing the game so well by creating the customers and not providing the cure!!.

    Okay I just saw a preview of FIRE IN THE BLOOD movie. Seems like they confirm what most of us already know.
    georgiagail responded:
    You must have been dozing when watching this preview since Fire In the Blood addresses HIV medication, not PPI meds for acidity.

    sunild1204 replied to georgiagail's response:
    No Sir, you did not get my point. I am looking at large point, how these pharmaceuticals are creating customer at cost of naive citizens of the world.
    So Naive of you to read the post as it is and not understand the message behind.
    sunild1204 replied to sunild1204's response:
    Just picture this that You are in the Year 1988 when PPI were not yet Born (Thank God!).
    Those days; instead of ACID BLOCKERS , Acid Neutralizer like Gelucil or any other Good Antacid was used to treat acidity issue that arose because of use of painkiller & antibiotics. The only difference here is that Acid neutralization is done on frequent basis where as acid blockers were just taken once or twice a day.
    In that case in previous example when the duration of prescription was over (step 4); you should be sitting pretty and life just went on. Since Acid blockers were not used; there was NO ACID REBOUND and also No Side effect of Delayed Emptying of stomach (Gastro paresis).
    In previous example I took you back to days when the problem was just ACIDITY, but because of prolonged use of acid blockers and pro kinetics now it has been GRADUATED to more complex Gastro Paresis and Acidosis. Look at the number of loop's created.
    1) PPI Loop (Remember that Hotel California song, You can Check Out but you can never leave!!)
    2) Gastro Paresis LOOP which manifests more issues (Acidosis,Constipation, functional dyspepsia, anemia etc etc)
    3) and then Once you have all those devices in your stomach & Neck (G Tube , Feeding tube ) then this is another loop that is created.
    The only way out is to break these loop's. But remember that your first loop is PPI Loop and I am here on this website since almost 4 months and most of you have not yet accepted the fact that why you are stuck and what is not causing you to get cured when you guys are doing practically everything right , right from eating food that suits you, providing external nutrition's (TPN) etc etc. You can never ever reach home by driving one KM forward and then One KM Backward.
    sunild1204 replied to sunild1204's response:
    Consider this example of role of COOLANT in a CAR. The job of coolant is to absorb the heat generate by the engine and transport it away, thus keeping the engine cool. Coolant, If left unchecked, the heat in the engine will build and reach a tipping point, after which the engine is liable to overheat and break down. This is why cooling systems are necessary.

    Very similarly the ALKALINE RESERVES (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc) are required to neutralize excess heat or PH of digested food so that it can empty faster. Have a look at alkaline reserves in ACV, Flax seeds, Raisins. Look at mineral sections as these are your alkaline reserves:- (ACV) (Raisins) (Flax seeds)

    Since the digestion is impaired at present and stomach is not able to bring nutrients out of food, we soak the Raisins in water for 8-10 hours and when we drink this water and eat raisins; helps restoring alkalinity of blood and also provides necessary Iron (This is same as TPN in medical terms).
    This explanation, also breaks your myth of ACV being regarded as test for low stomach acid, as in fact ACV is alkaline forming and helps increase PH of food because of its alkaline forming properties. Look Guys, even if LOW STOMACH ACID problem exists in some cases, all OUR problems at present are only because of more acid and certainly not low acid so I would stop going in debates and getting confused on this aspect for now. But we will avoid ACV for others reasons and instead use Organic salts.
    georgiagail replied to sunild1204's response:
    As always, your assumptions on how the gut works is incorrect....but enjoy your raisins.


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