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Worms? IBS? ....biohazard?
SolaceAL posted:
So, I've been dealing with this long enough, but it's starting to get out of hand. Made worse by me working in a public setting.

My bowel movements are not normal anymore. On average, I hit many 1-2 a day? To top that off, the stools aren't normal. The color is off, the size is off, and they all look like they were either digested a few times over, or chewed on post-digestion. And the contents within the stool are sometimes translucent, but I'm never 100% sure on what could be composing those objects. It's like I "can't" poop anymore.

And my gas is horrendous, at least out the back end. I can burp almost relentlessly if I want to, but that doesn't seem to alleviate anything. The gas' "quality" drops significantly if I manage to actually have a substantial bowel movement, as I've understandably cleared up a good chunk of stool kept within me.

Anyone have anything similar at one point and know what's up? I haven't had any real crazy diet changes or anything. If anything, I'm now eating healthier. And the small meals throughout the day are keeping me away from being hungry, so I can't diagnose this as worms as I'm never starving.
sheba_q responded:
I don't know everything that's going on with you, but there's one thing that stands out. Gas is a sign that your body isn't digesting something properly and is generally a sign of a food intolerance. It can start happening at any age.

Have you tried keeping a food/symptom diary to track what is happening to you? One of the problems with food intolerances is that there is often a delay between when you eating the 'offending' food and when you have problems, so it can be really difficult to sort out. Writing it all out and then trying to eliminate suspect foods (which includes healthy food) for at least a week or two is essential.

Do you have any non-digestive symptoms that you haven't listed - skin rashes, headaches, etc?

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