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why do I get constipated later in the day
cmessi posted:
I have tried taking fiber (Fiber Choice chewables) at night and in the mornings...I have succumbed to taking them only at night because I have found I am very gassy throughout the day when taking them in the morning. I try to drink as much water as I can, I try to get exercise (still maybe not as much as I should) and I go every single morning without a problem...the problem is the afternoons. I go to my class (can be about 4-5 hours) and I come home with the feeling that I need to go, but it is so difficult to go that I just give up. I try to eat small lunches, I have oatmeal for breakfast or try to have something with protein like peanut butter on toast for breakfast, and it goes right through me. Then by lunchtime, I am no longer able to pass a stool! It is very rare if I do... I go about 2-3 times a day but feel that I could go more and I get a 'bubble guts' feeling of bloating after having dinner. Could it be my meals are too large. Could someone please help me in suggesting what I might be doing wrong??
cmessi responded:
also, I find that running around my neighborhood for a little while always helps to me go, but I don't have the time or convenience in being able to 'go jogging' every time I feel like I have to go! I know its gross but I assume it gets my intestines working. Could I do something similar to running to help me be able to go but not break a sweat every time? I also can't go in public restrooms, the kind with stalls. Single-room I am fine....what can I do to rid of my fear of public restrooms? I feel I have tried everything.....playing games on my phone to distract myself...I have a fear of other people coming in and intruding....
georgiagail responded:
If you're "going" in the morning, why do you believe you're "constipated" later in the afternoon.

Your problem is that you seem to think twice a day bowel movements are normal for you and they are not.

cmessi replied to georgiagail's response:
because I have the feeling that I need to go
georgiagail replied to cmessi's response:
That's because you're overly focused on your bowel habits.


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