Anal leakage
An_254151 posted:
I am 48 years young and experience the discomfort of anal leakage. I didn't know how many people suffered from this ailment. I do not have this happen to me very often, so I can't say if it's a disease or something I ate. I used to drink bourbon and thought that was the problem,but this is not the case. Now I'm thinking too much "Hungarian Hot Paprika"? I love my spices but tend to over do it at times. Please give me some insight.
dwood316 responded:
That might either fecal incontinence,or something to do with your muscles down there,if I was you,i'd talk to your doctor about it if possible. You can also look up info on here and other websites.
georgiagail responded:
Try avoiding the "Hungarian Hot Paprika" (which I'm not sure ANY human over the age of 30 should consider're sure brave to do this at age 48!!!) to see if this helps.