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    Possible Problem?
    dwood316 posted:
    My name is Darrell,i'm 32,and for say,the last couple of weeks or so i've had an odd problem with my digestive system. Lets start at supper time: I eat a normal supper and,depending on what I had for supper,all is well,I usually snack lightly until I go to bed. And when I go to bed is when things start. No matter if I have an empty or full stomach,borborygmus,or stomach rumble,starts to happen and I pass gas too. It makes it harder for me to fall asleep because of the rumble and the gas. The strange thing is,it ONLY happens when I go to bed. When I get up the next day,I go to the bathroom,pee,and eat breakfast,usually toast and 1-2 cups of coffee. Then about an hour or 2 after I eat I go to the bathroom,poo,and carry on with my day. Sometimes I have to go more then once,I guess it depends on what I ate the day before. I was just wondering if it's just normal with my age,or if theres something actually wrong with me. Cause I can remember in the past going to bed and being normal,i'd only have gas if I ate a dairy product before I went to bed,like ice cream. This possible problem has kinda stressed me a bit,cause i'm currently looking for a job,and I just wanna be normal.
    georgiagail responded:
    You are normal.

    Try avoiding the snacking after supper. And keep track of what you eat at supper. Sounds like something you're having then is causing intestinal gas.

    dwood316 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks Gail,its good to know that im ok. I forgot to mention that i'm lactose intolerant,not sure if that has anything to do with it though.
    georgiagail replied to dwood316's response:
    Yes; it certainly could. The food diary should help track problem foods for you.

    cmessi responded:
    I don't want to tell you that you have a disorder/disease when you may not, but my mom has IBS and she has a similar problem...though she gets the gas before going to bed and into the night. I think it may be your body's way of relaxing and maybe are you holding it in during the day? I wouldn't worry too much about it since it's not terribly disrupting your daily routine or anything.
    dwood316 replied to cmessi's response:
    Thanks cmessi. I don't hold it in during the day,and it doesn't realy disrupt my routine or anything,i think it has more to do with what i eat,im trying to make an effort to watch what i eat. I hope to get checked out someday.

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