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upper abdominal pain
An_254160 posted:
I am 48 years old, I have a 19 year old, and 15 year old twins. I believe my stomach elasticity having a multiple birth pregnancy allows my abdomen to expand. I hurt so bad from upper abdominal pain, the Dr's can not find out why. I have been referred to a Neurologist and is thought "intestinal migraines" however treatment is not working. I have gone through endoscopy/colonoscopy.

It is as if I have a band over the top under my breasts going down 6 inches, horizontally which gets hard and expands, looks like I am 9 months pregnant (with a single, not twins) pregnancy. I can literally gain as much as 8 - 10 pounds in a day from the distention. It is not bowel movement related; although Dr has said I have IBS, acid re-flux and intestinal migraines.

I find it hard to bend down without hurting, stress does make the pain worse. I live my life around short trips to the store, to get back to my heating pad for relief. I have been on FMLA for my health; my OB/GYN of 20 plus years has determined I have a prolapse vaginal/rectal which I believe is due to the pressure put on my insides. I am due for surgery to repair the prolapse areas however feel my abdominal issues are going to still be a problem. I am considering tightening the abdominal wall so that it can not expand or as much...this would be similar to a tummy tuck which at this point I just want relief, I want to work and work outside and with my kids.

Please... anyone experience this? I don't know where to turn!

Thank you!

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