Can biotin cause digestive issues?
cmessi posted:
I think I may have IBS....I used to take supplements regularly for the past couple years but since my digestion patterns have changed lately, I have stopped since I think the cause of my constipation was something in the supplements I was taking. I was taking biotin, a vitamin b complex, vitamin E, and a fish oil supplement every morning. Which supplements should I absolutely avoid taking? I thought it was the biotin causing my constipation but now I just read a page in my physiology textbook about all the different minerals vital to our functioning and biotin was one of them that actually helps with digestion and metabolism! How is this possible? Should I try to biotin again?
Since I have stopped taking the supplements, I have to 'go' practically every time after I eat...or else I just have major gas. Sometimes I feel like its urgent, I get this spasm feeling but sometimes it is just nothing. Can I fix this by eating more fiber? Probiotics? Biotin?