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Cause of Diverticulitis?
mark34 posted:
My wife was diagnosed with Diverticulitis after coming down with severe pain last night. She's 47 and has never had any instestine or digestive problems before. The doctor did not know what would have caused it except possibly a low fiber diet. She drinks plenty of water, excercises regularly, does not eat red meat or fowl (fish only), and eats grains, fruits and vegetables. Any ideas what may possibly be the cause? Thanks!
georgiagail responded:
Diverticulosis (pockets in the large intestine) are pretty common, even in those who believe they are consuming a high fiber diet. When one of those pockets gets irritated or digested food particles becomes "caught" in them, the result can be the inflammatory side of this disease; Diverticulitis.

The fact that your wife drinks lots of water, exercises regularly, eats only fish plays no role in any of this. And although she may eat some grains, fruits and vegetables, this is no guarantee she won't have these intestinal pouches. Again, this disease is pretty darn common.

nycjudy responded:
Diverticulosis is indeed common, particularly in people over 60 years. In the past decade or some, it has been showing up in younger and younger people, though. The youngest I have read about was someone in their late 20s. When I was diagnosed with diverticulitis at age 44, I was quite surprise because I thought my fiber intake was well above average. Well, it might have been higher than average, but, when I kept careful track, I was nowhere near the recommended 20 grams (but somewhere around 12, as I recall). I believe there is a genetic component, too. It ends up one grandmother had had diverticulosis and a great uncle had died of infected bowel, and there may be more.

In addition to keeping fiber intake up (if I am going to be traveling or something that it is difficult to get 20 grams of fiber, I take a supplement proactively), I also take probiotics - either yogurt or acidophilus supplements.

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