Nausea--really bad! Wondering if it is caused by Multaq?
Anon_963 posted:
Sure would like to know if medication--like Multaq for treatment of AFIB can cause such intense nausea. No vomiting--but lots of trips to the bathroom. Some days it's tolerable--and even mild, but since increasing the dosage of Multaq, it seems to be alot worse.

Since I have an inner ear disorder that also causes dizziness and that can cause nausea, it's hard to know. I just know it's 'miserable' and feels like when I was pregant and had intense morning sickness.
Anyone taking Multaq and have this side affect? Or it could be a combination of the drugs I take. My doctors know what I'm taking--but since I have the inner ear thing and this, it's hard to tell what is causing it. Blood work, etc. has all turned out ok. Pretty miserable many days!
georgiagail responded:
The attached lists the common side effects from this medication.