abdominal pain
ami446454 posted:
So several times over the past months i've gotten this strange stomach ache. last night it started again and it's a dull ache that makes it impossible for me to sleep. At times the ache is on the left or right side. this post is probably not very clear and vague but last night i was woken up at 3 am and now yet again i can't sleep.
biancalthompson responded:
If the pain is on the right side just under the ribs or slightly towards the center then its probably the gallbladder. particularly when the pain is at night. Pain that is vague on the left or lower could be gas pains. I have had problems with my gallbladder for about 8 months now. I am scheduled for a consult with a surgeon on Thursday Dec 19. I am well aware of the symptoms associated with the gallbladder.