Day 1 after Cholesytectomy gallbladder removal
biancalthompson posted:
Hi My name is Bianca. I am 28. I had my gallbladder surgery this morning at 730a. I thought I would share my experience and recovery because there are a lot of horror stories out there on the internet (personal experience)

After surgery I was initially in a fair amount of pain. It was well controlled however and about three hours post-op I was up walking the halls. I went home at approximately 5 hours post-opt feeling really well. Aside from some pressure in my abdomen (from the gas used to inflate my abdomen) and some mild discomfort at my incision sites I felt fine. I was a little dizzy but that's normal after coming out of anesthesia. I was sent home with Norco for pain. I have been able to eat soft bland foods, mostly because I am not really hungry yet and don't want to overwhelm my system by advancing my diet to quickly. I am able to return to work after a week at home. I can't do anything strenuous for 4 weeks after surgery.

It wasn't as scary as a lot people made it out to be. Its still surgery and there are always risks. I was mostly concerned of reaction to anesthesia because of my asthma. I did have some trouble with my oxygen saturations as I was waking up from the anesthesia but have been fine since then. I tolerated this better than an endoscopy I had back in 2007 to check for ulcers.

I hope this will ease some fears of people going into a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, I will continue to provide information during my recovery as I am able to.
cleaner2005 responded:
Great glad it went well. Hopefully you can return to life is normal in a few weeks. Good luck!!
biancalthompson responded:
The last 2 days has seen me sleeping a lot. I have been sore but feeling okay. I haven't had any trouble with food thus far. I have been able to advance my diet to now include bake chicken. I am able to walk around comfortably. I just get worn out with much more than that. I figure I am doing pretty good thus far.

Thank you for replying.