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bowel cramps
cooker6920 posted:
I'm a WM, 52, diagnosed with collagenous colitis or microscopic colitis. Had my gall bladder removed in 2010. I've had loose stools since early '00s. I worked 2nd shift for most of those years and I usually had 2 or 3 dependable BMs in the morning, then nothing until the next day. After working 1st shift most of last year, the BMs were still the same. Now I'm working 2nd again and the BMs are getting later after eating breakfast or none at all. I'm getting really bad bowel cramps that interfere with my work and give me pain, nausea and gas. My diet really hasn't changed. Just my sleep and wake times. I understand that the different times will affect my natural body functions, but these problems never surfaced before after changing work shifts. My GE doc tried Entocort and Questran which bound me up and caused pain, so I stopped and put up w/loose BMs. I still have the loose stools, then have the urge like I want to evacuate more and feel better, then start cramping. Now the cramps are worse than being constipated. I never know when I'll need a bathroom. Any suggestions? Please help. Thanks.
calgal37 responded:
You may want to do some reading on the link between microscopic colitis and gluten. In some, going gluten-free can be the answer.

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