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    Acid Reflux, Silent Reflux (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux), or...?
    ill_informed posted:
    I've been diagnosed with acid reflux over and over again by many doctors, although I've never had heartburn a day in my life. My main symptoms are:

    -occasional sharp side pain, chest pressure, a variety of different kinds of heart flutters/palpitations to the point where my chest and shoulders have gone numb and tingly (like the feeling when your foot falls asleep), panic/anxiety attacks, heart racing after eating, swollen feeling in my throat, constant coughing or clearing of my throat, difficulty swallowing, and belching...lots and lots of belching.

    I 100% believe that the anxiety and heart flutters are being caused by whatever else is going on inside my body. I'm naturally a very calm, patient, easy-going person and have never had issues with anxiety before I started having these digestive issues and for some reason every doctor I've seen refuses to believe this. They basically just tell me I'm crazy and that I need crazy person meds.

    After doing my own research since doctors are now useless I've discovered that silent reflux exists and believe that this is what has been causing all of my symptoms. However, it is still treated the same way as GERD or acid reflux.

    I've tried everything. I've been on all the OTC stuff, I follow a very bland vegan diet, no onions, garlic, or tomato based products, no fried foods, no alcohol (not even extracts), no caffeine (not even chocolate and I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!), no carbonated beverages, I don't smoke, I'm not overweight, I eat multiple small meals a day as opposed to three big ones, I don't eat after 9pm, I sleep with my pillows propped (practically sitting up), and I even just recently decided to go gluten free after reading up on how food intolerance's can cause acid reflux and STILL can not find relief.

    Does anyone else have this issue or have advice? I'm really starting to feel defeated.
    readyforrelief responded:
    I have been going through the exact same thing with the same results. I have been told it is anxiety and acid reflux. But before all this started I never had any problems with anxiety before either. Like yourself I am starting to feel very frustrated that I can not get ant relief or proper diagnosis.
    ill_informed replied to readyforrelief's response:
    It's definitely really frustrating when it feels like no one will listen and nothing seems to be working. My symptoms started very gradually just over a year ago. And I go through these phases of "ok, well I did everything the doctor said so I guess I just have to deal" and then a few weeks later I have a bad episode, and then I just get mad and frustrated and become determined to figure out what the real issue is, do hours and hours of research online only to find others struggling with the same symptoms and no answers, go to a different doctor, here the same thing "oh its just acid reflux take more Prilosec", feel defeated, and then the cycle just repeats.

    As unfortunate as it is, it is comforting to know others are going through the same thing and communities like this where we can vent.

    I did manage to find something that helps control my heart rate after eating though. I've tried at least 10 different kinds of digestive enzymes and these ones seem to be the only ones that work.

    It hasn't solved all my symptoms but there is definitely a noticeable difference when I forget to take them. I take them immediately after meals or heavy snacks (if I take them as directed on the bottle they don't seem to work as well). Everyone is different, but it could be worth looking into if that is one of your symptoms as well.
    webmed83 replied to ill_informed's response:
    Dear ill-informed after asking our God to grant you and all people health I would like to tell you that Im In the same club, but you already know alot of members at the acid reflux club, you could be haveing an ulcer which can only be assured by haveing an indoscopy done for you, thats what I found out and or a lose in the upper stomac gate which I also found in myself, the first can be best treated by our God then by losec (omprazol 20) and the second can be treated by our God then a tiny mineral surgery which involves a small stich (same as haveing an indoscopy) hope you find nothing wrong in your case and good luck.
    hayley19x responded:
    hello i have the exact same! my stomach swells up like a balloon and i look about 6 months pregnant when it happens but i know i am defenetly not lol!. i am also regurgitating my food and i bring it back up within the matter of minutes its so embarrassing as i have no warning with it it can happen several times a day its not painful when it happens i just have no control over it. my heart also goes irregular and beats fast once i have eaten food! i am only 19 and the doctors are hopeless! they dont do anything they just give me tablets which dont work! its so annoying. Does anyone else bring their food back up once they have eaten it? (with out having it been digested)
    graythomas329 responded:
    Yes .. you are not alone! All of the foods you mentioned are also a no no for me as well. All the good things - can't have!

    I was diagnosed w/ Barretts disease last year - trouble swallowing, loosing voice, swollen throat (esophagus), coughing constantly, after eating my heart races. Also, I began regurgitating (from throat) food and liquids, and vomiting (stomach) ... making it very difficult to eat/drink.

    Then I started having "spasms", sharp asthma type pain behind breastbone. Felt like lungs were shutting down. Lot's of wheezing, trying to get breath again. Hurts like all get out!!! Last's for 5-6 minutes. Almost pass out.

    No defeat my friend!!! Fight, fight, fight! Make those "Adam Henry" doctors do what you need!

    If I may humbly suggest - get an appt w/ a GI doctor for an Endoscopy & Colonoscopy. Two, get an appt. w/ an ENT - Ear Nose Throat - specialist so they can check for a "motility disorder" regarding your esophagus. Thirdly, get a CT scan of your stomach!

    I just got a CT scan and they found I had intussusception of the small intestines. Gonna find out tomorrow what is causing the intussusception.

    After time, thinkoing of these things - it dawned on me (duh me!) -- I realized that from the time food enters my mouth, processes through the body, to the time it "exits" .. all of those systems work in a very fine, delicate cooperative, process. When one part go's awry - it eventually effects all of them. Over time one will get multiple "ailments" resulting from one initial cause - even from something as simple as acid reflux.

    Hang in my friend and keep fighting!
    graythomas329 responded:

    Don't let them get away with the "anxiety" BS. Having had the very same symptoms as you ... it sounds like to me, if I may say, a few medical tests need to be completed to get to the "source" or "lead point."

    As I mentioned - upper GI scope (endoscopy) a colonoscopy, thru a GI doctor. An ENT, Ear Nose Throat, specialist to check for a "motility disorder." As well as a CT scan of the stomach-area to check for disorders there.

    My friend - please please dont wait! Get it done now before your conditiont advances and worsens.

    I researched and found a GI doctor, and an ENT doctor on my own. Called them and told them, "My general physician is Dr So-So and I WANT these procedures to be done." (Make sure they take your insurance!)

    Sorry if I seem overzealous. But this subject means a lot to me.
    ill_informed replied to hayley19x's response:
    My stomach does not swell and I am able to keep my food down (for now). My symptoms started coming on very slowly over about six months to a year though. It started with just a pressure in my chest and a pain in my side and now I have all these other symptoms. Did yours come on slowly over time or did it just come out of no where?
    ill_informed replied to graythomas329's response:
    Hi graythomas329

    Thanks for the support! I have seen a GI and refuse to leave him alone! I take whatever prescription he gives and then call back when it doesn't work. I'm determined to get him to believe that I'm not just making all this up!

    I had an endoscopy and an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) and everything came back normal. Which, to them apparently means I'm in 100% tip top shape and that I clearly MUST be making all these symptoms up and giving myself anxiety.

    I've also made an ENT appt but that's not until the end of next month and now I'm looking into Naturopathy or seeing a Dietitian. All these symptoms are clearly related to either what or how I'm eating or digesting so I fully believe there has to be a way to control this and I'm determined to figure it out.

    It's no longer just affecting me, it's affecting everyone around me and has completely changed my life and the way I live so I understand how this subject matter means a lot to you as it means a lot to me too.

    I'll keep you posted!
    judyas replied to ill_informed's response:
    You guys are great...made me feel like I am not dying at this very moment...I have had the same symptoms that have been worsening doctor says he has never heard of GERD being related to my palpitations...if so many of us have these symptoms and have reported them to our doctors you would think some doctor would say hmmmmm, maybe there is something to this! But really, it is a help to know you are not alone.!
    An_256504 replied to judyas's response:
    same symptoms as most of you. Does anyone else wake in the middle of the night with racing heart and elevated blood pressure. How can it be a panic attack if i am sleeping? My pulse rate is sometimes 120-130 during these episodes. I have been diagnosed with GERD and IBS. My doctor is considering anti depressants but not sure that is for me. It is such a help to know i am not crazy and my symptoms are real. Thanks to all who post.
    An_256504 responded:
    did you ever get any relief from your symptoms? I Have been having the exact same thing and am so frustrated and afraid they are missing some other problem. My blood pressure just keeps getting higher and higher.
    ill_informed replied to An_256504's response:

    I actually have not had any problems with my blood pressure with these symptoms. Recently I've tried taking Prilosec for almost three months and did not see any results. I am currently weaning myself off. I also have stopped taking the digestive enzymes I was taking with every meal and am instead eating small 1 cup meals throughout the day. THIS HAS FINALLY BROUGHT ME SOME RELIEF! For the past three months I have gone completely vegan, avoided ALL caffeine (even chocolate, decaf coffee and tea), no highly acidic or greasy foods, absolutely no alcohol, and basically live on quinoa, beans, nuts, seeds and steamed veggies. I eat at least every two hours and just try to eat heavy snacks throughout the day and absolutely no over-eating. I have to stop myself before I begin feeling full. The only way I've been able to achieve this is by limiting myself to a little over a 1 cup portion or smaller depending on the snack/meal. My heart no longer races after eating, I only get very faint heart palps if I get them at all, and I can finally sleep on my side! I have still been experiencing throat swelling, throat burning and some asthmatic symptoms and occasionally I'll have a burping fit still. I'm still not sure what has caused me to feel better or what the actual problem is. I'm thinking it could either be the increase in fiber from all the beans I've been eating or the decrease in sugar since I've always had the biggest sweet tooth ever. Since I've been feeling somewhat better sometimes I'll try to introduce new foods to see how they effect me and I tried making vegan carob brownies the other day and had another crazy scary heart palp. Which is what makes me think sugar could some how be the culprit. I am still looking into a dietician/allergen specialist. With the throat swelling and the Prilosec not helping the reflux I'm thinking it has to be some kind of food sensitivity or allergy. I've read that this can be a cause of the reflux. I even tried doing gluten free for month to see if that helped and it did not. I did see the ENT and again of course he said everything looks normal, of course. So no answers or solutions just yet but I have found SOME relief. NOT 100% but I do feel that I could be on my way to recovery.
    ill_informed replied to ill_informed's response:
    I forgot to mention no spices! I've been eating very bland also. The avoiding acidic foods cuts out basically all condiments. Even salad dressings since most either have dairy or contain vinegar. No garlic or onion powder. Spices seem to trigger my reflux so if I do HAVE to add flavor to something I only use herbs and salt but I rarely use herbs. And I try to avoid pre-packaged foods since by law they have to be highly acidic to keep on store shelves. Like I said its a very bland not so fun diet but it seems to have brought me some relieve so I'm going to stick to it until there is another resolution.
    An_256504 replied to ill_informed's response:
    Thanks for your story. I was afraid no one was reading this anymore and I feel like i am going crazy and this is all in my head. My heart palpatations and blood pressure are so scary to me even though all my heart tests say i am good. Good advice on the small meals and i have been trying that as well. Saltine crackers are my main food source at this time.

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