Diarrhea, Stomach Rumbling and Gas
irishguy2014 posted:
Hi There,
For about a week now I have been having Diarrhea, stomach rumbling and increased gas. I dont get stomach cramps. I find soon after I eat I have diarrhea. I am eating as I always have ie. no change to diet. I visited the doctor and did a stool sample (awaiting results), He gave me Imodiuom which doesnt seemed to help much even though this has helped with the gas and rumbling so what. Anyone got any ideas?
Background Info: Im 26yo male, I smoke, healthy enough diet eat fruit and drink alot of water. Do not drink any drink with sugar.
mariajohnson responded:
The bananas and crackers make the diarrhea less worse by soaking up all the excess water. Don't drink/eat a lot of things with dairy,oil, or fat these seem to worsen things.