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Bad breakout
v_too posted:
I was prescribed Prilosec/Omeprazole and had the opposite effect from everyone posting. I actually had a bad acne break out 2 days after starting the medicine. It started on my forehead and eventually covered my face. Two days after my breakout I realized that the only thing I've done differently was take the Omeprazole so I stopped taking it and almost over night the acne was gone. But now I'm back to square one since the reason I was taking it was for acid reflux. I guess I'll go back to nexium and see if a bigger dose helps.
An_255612 responded:
I like simple answers to simple questions. Prilosec and Nexium are now OTC because their 11 year stint has expired, as so has Zantac. Anytime a drug company wants to submit a drug to the government, they have 11 years to get it approved. If it takes 10 years to get it approved then they only have 1 year to reap the profits of having it a prescription drug. If they get it approved in 1 year, they have 10 years to do the same. Zantac is a Godsend. It works in 30 minutes and I know this from experience. Prilosec and Nexium have to load in your system to reach a therapuadic level. As for acne break-out I don't have a clue. Try the generic version of Zantac. Walmart sells it as (and excuse my spelling) Rantitidine. Saved my life. Hope this helps.
v_too replied to An_255612's response:
Thanks, I will try that. Maybe I was allergic to it or caused me to be allergic to something else. I don't know. But for sure I will try Zantac seeing as I don't have to dose it to see benefits.

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