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    Now I have horrible headaches...
    madmike740 posted:
    Super Bowl Sunday I started getting this bloated feeling in my guts like I needed to have a bowl movement or a bad case of gas, it hurt really bad. After a few hours my lower back started hurting about 6 inches above my tail bone. Few hours after that I was in so much pain I was in the fetal position on the floor praying to GOD just to let me die because I wanted the pain to stop so bad. Btw I'm male, 38 years old.

    Well being stubborn I tried being the tough guy and not go to the doctor until my wife had the entire family harassing me to go to the ER. I finally got tired of hearing them harp on me so I decided the mental pain from listening to them was worse than what physical pain I was experiencing. Once I got there they gave me some pain meds, IV with saline and antibiotic, did x-ray and CAT scan of my abdomen.I love drinking that barium sulfate, quite tasty. Few hours later Doc came back and said I have diverticulitis. Sent me home with a script of vicoden for pain and two antibiotics, Cipro and Flagyl.

    After a day or two I was good. No pain but I kept taking the antibiotics like instructed. Well, to the day a week later it happened AGAIN. Had the same pain in my back and intestinal region.

    Anyway to make a long story shorter I spent 4 days in the hospital, some doctors saying I didn't have diverticulitis while others said pancreatitis and others thinking some rare disease. On the 3rd day they put a scope scope inside my stomach and determined I had 3 duodenal ulcers and one ruptured leaking whatever into my abdomen causing tissue to get inflamed (back hurting) and the inflammation had created lots of fluid that settled in my lower gut region (bloated gaseous feeling). They said it could have been caused by NSAID's.

    So on my last day before I was released nurse gave me instructions and a fistful of prescriptions. Said to stay away from tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, you know the spiel.

    For the record I smoke cigarettes and drink beer, daily. However I haven't drank a drop since super bowl sunday, too scared.

    They got me on carafate, omerprazole (prilosec), folic acid, vitamin b1, ultram, remerol and nicotine patch. (I'm still smoking btw, I will start my patch this Monday)

    Feel like im 75 having to take all this medication. I don't want to live like this!!!

    Anyway here's my problem, sorry for such a long story but I figured having a little background would be helpful.

    I'm having SEVERE headaches now.

    Never in my life have I had headaches like this. The other morning about 6 am I took my meds and only took about 3-4 sips of coffee to wash it down about 30-mins later I sat down and INSTANTLY it felt like someone whacked me upside the head with a hammer and this kept pounding for a couple minutes, my right eye watered up and I felt sick like I was going to throw up it hurt so bad. After a few minutes it subsided but I still had a very uncomfortable low grade pounding for two days then it went away.

    Now it happened again yesterday same thing, same time of day same situation. Today it feels like it's easing up.

    I quit taking the remeron after the first headache because years ago I was on some kind of anti-depressent and I had weird neurological side effects, lights flashin in my eyes, twitching, just really weird things.

    Why they got me on remeron is beyond me I'm not depressed.

    For the record I'm perfectly healthy, never been sick, only times I've been in hospital is for broken bones and/or cuts.

    These headaches are really scaring me more than anything, it felt like I was have an aneurysm or stroke.

    Thanks for listening. I go to my family doctor Friday so we'll see what he says.

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