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Increasingly Worse Diarrhea
krystenaj posted:
Hello All,

I am posting here with the dire hope that someone here knows what is going on or a doctor sees this and tells me what I should do next.

I had my gall bladder removed in May of 2010. For about a year after having it removed, I was perfectly fine.

Then, about a year later, I started getting diarrhea whenever I ate. So I avoided eating fatty foods, to no avail. I talked to my doctor at the time and he thought perhaps a medicine that binds bile acids would fix the problems. So I tried Welchol (tried twice now) and cholestyramine (?), and still getting sick every time I ate.

After a while, I just decided to deal with it as a fact of life. One year later, it got to the point where if I so much as ate a handful of goldfish or a single saltine cracker I was immediately in the bathroom.

When I relocated to Indiana, I sought out a gastroenterologist. He ordered several tests first: one to check for genetic marker for celiac disease, parasite tests, stool tests, all the typical lab work to figure out why I had persistent diarrhea.

When none of that showed anything, he ordered a small bowel series. I have personally read the radiologist's report, and he said that everything looked normal except that there appeared to be some "sprue."

Upon these results, my gastro doctor wanted to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy to check for several things, including celiac disease. Months later, I finally got in to do these procedures. They saw nothing causative, and biopsies found no microscopic causes.

At this point, my gastroenterologist said "It must be my gall bladder removal" and to try Welchol again. So I did.....and it didn't work...again. So again I resigned myself to this is just how life is now.

At this point (2 years after the colonoscopy), the problem is continually getting worse. It is to the point where on days I have to work, I cannot eat at all because I cannot teach a 3 hour class without getting sick. I get sick within 10-15 minutes of eating, no matter what I eat. I could eat a salad, a cracker, a chicken finger, anything. I'm going to get sick. I tried gluten free, avoiding fats, avoiding meats, and everything else I could think of to try. All of this has had NO effect at all. The only relief I had was when I had a concussion and the neurologist had me taking 6 caplets of fish oil a day to help my brain heal. This temporarily helped my stomach a bit, but has since stopped working.

I am absolutely fed up. At this point, I just refer to it as my punishment for eating. I only eat once a day usually, and only when I know I can be at home for when I get sick. I usually have to go to the bathroom 3-5 times after I eat, if not more. Whenever I go out anywhere, I have to know where the bathroom is because I have almost no warning whatsoever.

On a side note, perhaps of importance, if I get upset about something I tend to get sick as well, but only once and it is immediately upon getting upset.

Anyone dealing with something similar? Suggestions? Help? Solutions? I don't know what to do anymore and this is having a significant impact on my life. So far, no doctor has been able to tell me what is wrong, but just fall back on the "no gall bladder" defense.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance!
Sick In Indiana
calgal37 responded:
How long did you go GF for? It can take from weeks to months to really see a change in some individuals. And did you consider teaming a GF diet with a dairy-free one? I know it sounds drastic, but 50% of those who react with antibodies to gluten find those antibodies cross-react to the casein protein in dairy.

You might also want to consider doing a food intolerance panel such as the ones offered by Enterolab or Genova. They're excellent for finding things when other less specialized blood tests don't.

Also understand that it can take up to 10 years for histological/endoscopic confirmation of a diagnosis of celiac disease. The symptoms can make life totally miserable and it's only when other symptoms like brain-fog, rashes, peripheral neuropathy and such show up does an endoscopy pop positive.
krystenaj replied to calgal37's response:
I am going to look into the food intolerance panel, and I might try GF again for a longer stent this time. It's definitely not easy considering my budget.

I had no idea it could take that long for celiac to show up on biopsies.

Thanks for the info!

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