gerd and constipation problems
angelbear75 posted:
was just diagnosed with gerd and constipation , my stomach is always bloated n feels full, my back hurts n its so irritating to feel sick all the time they put me on meds but i hate this feeling does it get better n how long does this take ?
kjam84 responded:
Hi, I've had that for 7-1/2 years, and I've been on a protein pump inhibitors since. I implore you, DO NOT TAKE THESE MEDS. I wish someone would have told me the same. There is a very good chance you will develop a dependency and have to continue this drug indefinitely (which is what I'm going through now). If you stop taking these meds, your problem will get much worse - unbearable - to the point of emergency room visits. What happens (which no one told me) is your stomach develops additional protein pumps which are in your stomach to produce acid. So when you stop the medicine, you have extra pumps producing more acid than necessary, which causes the most excruciating pain/sickness you will ever feel in your. Another serious side effect from taking these meds is the absorption of calcium. The meds prevent the absorption of calcium causing osteoporosis. Some doctors will not tell you all of this, and I don't know why. I'm just trying to warn you so you don't end up like me. If I had it all over to do again, I would have changed my diet, taken Pepcid, zantac, or something like that instead, and stayed far, far away from doctors.