sherm80 posted:
Constipation is frequent in my life, meaning one GOOD movement a week. Dr. says Miralax is good to take daily, indefinitely, if needed. the instructions on the box, say no more than 7 days. What's the real scoop here?? I usually take Metamucil (which is natural fiber, psyillium), but Miralax seems different in the ingredients are more chemical-like.

Can Miralax be taken on a long-term basis, or should I stick with Metamucil??
lgerde responded:
I too am lucky to have one bowel movement per week . My doctor says Miralax is non habit forming and can be taken every day or twice a day if needed. It is a stool softener and works by pulling in liquid into your intestines, resulting in easier to pass stools. My Diverticulitus is a result of infrequent bowel movements.I have had one rupture and will have a surgery within a couple of months to resection my large intestine , I have also developed a fistula. Your doctor is giving good advice, I am 52 and paying for not being regular and I thought it was normal for me.
4sandishore responded:
I am from a family that took enemas every day as adults. I refused to ever start that. My GM lived to be 100 doing that!
I have had constipation issues my whole life, I took vegetable lax. every night for some time, it worked fine, then I got colitis, now I have long bouts of diarrhea every day all morning. My Gastroenterologist has me on steroids and that isn't helping much now. I am 70 and have tried the food issues, medications you name it they have had me on it. I take 3 meds now and they are not working. But to answer the Miralax question, yes it will work well for constipation, it is not habit forming, I was told to take it every day, drink lots of water, eat lots of soluble food.
My condition changes with stress. Good luck to you, give it a try.