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frequent gas, bloating, dry mouth,
mshuq2000 posted:

I have always been healthy. I did physical check up 4 months ago; The lab test only showed lack of vitamin D. Now, I'm suffering with the following symptoms; I'm really worried.

In brief, I have frequent gas, bloating, dry mouth, random digestion problem, and stomach often feeling stingy pain. I have been experiencing dry mouth for about three months now; both sides of my tongue have turned curly. The mouth feels dry even if I drink water. I have suffered from acid reflux at least once or twice a year in the last five years; I'm afraid that I might have acid reflux right now and I am taking one 20mg prilosec every day for the third week now. I don't feel comfort in breathing; sometimes when I need long breath, my chest does not let me take one long enough, then I use frequent short breaths instead. With all these happening, recently I noticed that if I lie on bed on left side I feel like something is touching something else in my chest (is it bloated stomach touching the liver or lungs?). Besides, in a certain bending I feel stingy pain in left side chest, but not always. I thought these were just because of H-Pylori which my wife was treated with two weeks ago; but, a breath test came negative 2/3 days ago. Gas, often foul smelling, escapes out of colon 10/12 times a day. Once a week or even in a lesser rate, I have experienced diarrhea kind of symptom (loose motion) or seen undigested food in my stool.

My question: do all these still feel like only acid reflux or something else going on?

I really appreciate for any response from you.

Best regards,

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