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Gallbladder Issues
gutcheck13 posted:
About six weeks ago I started getting pain in my upper abdomen shortly after eating. Pain would be intense in what I felt was my stomach, and would eventually move to my whole abdomen. It all started after eating some beef jerky and drinking a little juice one day. I ate chicken and lower fat foods for about a week and wasn't that bad (not intentionally, just what I normally eat). Week later I ate some lamb and the pain was pretty bad. Couldn't sleep, eventually took some Tylenol and got some rest (I never take pain killers, probably haven't in years).

Went to Dr next day, thought maybe gallbladder or pancreas, but ultrasound was clear. They also did blood work and everything was normal except a white cell count usually associated for allergies (forgot the name). Gave me prilosec, but didn't work. Symptoms were worsening. Also felt like I was constipated, but not entirely sure. I wasn't going near as frequently, but I was also barely eating anything. Fatty meats and nuts were the worst for causing pain.

Got referred to a GI Doc after a week of no results on prilosec. He did a Sigmoidoscopy and Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Sigmoidoscopy came back clear. Endoscopy came back with gastritis (I don't remember all where). He prescribed Carafate. The Carafate has pretty much solved all my problems and I'm eating normal now. Even red, fatty meats which would about kill me before. Still couldn't eat nuts though without some pain. GI Dr. still thought it was gallbladder, and thought maybe my recent weight loss may have triggered it somehow. I was about to give up, when I mentioned to him that a few months ago I had gotten real sick in what figured was some kind of food poising, but apparently also sounded like Gall Bladder to him. He had a HIDA done, and I failed it.

Tests Summary:
Ultrasound - Liver, Pancreas, Gallbladder all Fine
Sigmoidoscopy - All Clear
Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy & Biopsy - Gastritis
CT w/ Iodine Injection - All clear
HIDA - Failed at 7%

I was referred to a surgeon, I assume to have my gall bladder removed. Here's what I'm stuck on. I know from reading gallstones aren't always the cause of issues, and I don't have any. But, it sounded like Carafate would only treat my Gastritis and not Gallbladder attacks. However, while I'm on it I'm back to normal. If I forget to take it, and eat something like fatty meat, I get the same pain back.

One last little side note that I thought was wierd, If I eat a bunch of popcorn while I'm having one of these attacks, even covered in coconut oil, it almost goes away immediately.

This got pretty long on me. Just looking for opinions, suggestions on what to ask either my GI doc or surgeon. My fear is I'm going to have my gallbladder removed and not solve anything. Worst case, add more problems.

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