Can hemorrhoids cause a lot of bleeding?
mehan12702 posted:
Apologize in advance for the tmi.

For the last week I've had a harder stool than usual and every time I've had a bowel movement, there's been a lot of blood in the bowl. The stool itself isn't bloody, but there's blood all over the sides, in the water and on the tissue. I used WedMD symptom checker and it suggests that I have hemorrhoids (internal from the looks of it). Tonight I had some itchy, so I went to apply a cream and when I pushed down, blood immediately started to drip steadily. It really scared me because I haven't recently had a bowel movement and I'm concerned about bleeding internally.

Would hemorrhoids cause this kind of bleeding? I have hardly any pain or discomfort. Just occasional itching and recent constipation, which results in a lot of blood in the toilet. But this is the first time I just pushed down and blood starting flowing (about 8 drops in 15 or 20 seconds).

I had just gotten out of the tub about 10 mins prior. After seeing the blood I got real dizzy, but I'm not sure if that was from the bleeding, the scare or the hot temps from the bath.
georgiagail responded:
Yes; hemorrhoids can cause this kind of bleeding. But so can other medical issues. Best to get this looked into medically.

Keep in mind that even a small amount of blood looks like quite a bit in the toilet bowl.