Gluteal Pain & more. Need advice, please.
An_257097 posted:
Advice on what this could be greatly needed. Tired of running around in circles with doctors. Please. Thank you!

Symptoms: Lower left abdominal discomfort +5years left 'hip' gluteal pain +3 years bright red rectal bleeding, every 2 or 3 months, with or without bowel movement + 2 years, accompanied by tiredness and recently, dizziness Flat-sided stools Pain and pulsing down left leg Left leg muscle cramping, sometimes severe in glute area.

Tests done: Blood pressure = normal to low Blood work = normal, except for low vitamin d(been taking supplements about 4 months) and inconclusive Lyme titer. Colonoscopy = normal Nerve conduction test = normal Kidney ultrasound = normal pelvic ultrasound, annual paps & gyn visits = normal Bladder ultrasound = normal Hip X-rays = normal lumbar MRI = normal, no signs of nerve compression or sciatica