Diagnosis for my 15yr old son...
lj1004 posted:
I need some advice on what others might think is wrong with my son.At birth in the hospital , doc said his digestive system was immature and had not caught up to his body, but that over time , it would.As a newborn, he had severe immediate reflux, we went through 5 formulas.As a toddler , he had "Failure to Thrive" the geneticist said possible Crohn's disease or Celiac. They put him on a high fat diet and said that if he could not retain nutrients he'd die...he finally did, but as the years passed on into toddlerhood he would throw often if upset up after eating. Through his elementary and middle school school years things became worse.Constant gas pains, he'd fluctuate, from constant constipation to diareah.at the age of 13 he began to rapidly gain weight , over 40lbs and became bloated and obese. I have taken my son to over 5 top gastro docs , all of whom , would say bloodworm was normal and conclude that if he'd loose weight , his stomach issues would go away.Outraged and exasperated that not one of them would look at his lifelong history of severe gastro issues... and suggest even an X-ray or ultra sound or anything.I am finally seeing a top doc at DuPont who has actively ordered blood, stool, X-ray and ultrasound and from there will follow through with a endoscopy ,biopsy and colonoscopy.I am praying for a diagnosis.. And I am just wondering if anyone else out there has any thoughts on what might be wrong with him??