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H. pylori: can it be a chronic, ongoing issue?
jedwatson27 posted:
I recently experienced the black, tarry stools and was diagnosed with H. pylori less than an hour ago, but I have also experienced several other symptoms on the list for about 10 years. Early satiety, moderate to severe bloating and gas no matter what I eat, wide swings in energy levels, inability to gain weight because eating enough is so hard, difficulty staying hydrated, and experiencing a spike in gas whenever I drink water. I have suspected that these and other symptoms were part of a larger digestion issue, but all that any doctor's visit has been able to offer is assurance that I don't have IBS.
I wonder if I've been dealing with H. pylori or something like it all this time, and it's taken a stool test to catch it, or maybe it's unreasonable to think I could be managing a bacterial infection for that long.
I do know that my diet is excellent and I am in great physical shape, yet digestion problems have dogged me since age 18, and H. pylori looks to me like the smoking gun that ties my unsolved case together in a neat little bow.
Anyone have expertise and a few minutes to reply? Thank you.

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