Intolerance ?
An_258430 posted:
Hi, I'm an 18 year old female.

Anytime I eat any type of meat I need to use the bathroom within like 10-15 minutes. It started out with just red meat now I can't eat chicken pork or even fish. Some other foods are getting to me as well. Before I used to bathroom I get really bloated and bad stomach pains, sometimes unbearable pain. And when I use the restroom it's like I am in and out then back 5 minutes later. I've been to the doctor but they told me it's because I have been eating the meat to raw (went before it started with other foods) so I tried cooking the meat well done and nothing I was still getting sick.

Could this be an intolerance or something else going on in my stomach?
atti_editor responded:

Meat allergies are rare, but there have been some documented cases. Here is a good read on the subject that you might be interested in. It may be a good idea to make another appointment with your doctor now that the pain has become associated with other foods as well -- or perhaps an allergist or gastroenterologist could help you with a diagnosis if your doctor is not able to do so. Please let us know how you are doing!