Suddenly can't tolerate coffee or fiber, never had a problem before?
An_258454 posted:
For the past couple weeks, any time I eat a fiber bar or drink coffee, I have to run to the bathroom not long me diarrhea that is essentially just water. It is not painful. I've been eating a fiber bar and coffee almost every day for breakfast for a couple years, and haven't really had a problem before. Sure fiber and coffee sometimes make you have to go, but it's never been just water. And so urgent. Now it's just....every single time. What could be the reason for this change?
georgiagail responded:
For many, coffee is an excellent laxative all on its own.

rohvannyn responded:
Did anything change in how you brew your coffee, where you get it from, or what blend you use? Did anything change with your brand of fiber bar?
adhisstory replied to rohvannyn's response:
On the news some time back there was a report on companies diluting their products with cheaper ingredients to cut costs. Brand names are supposed to be more reliable but I have had to return supposedly good olive oil several different times because it went rancid quickly. There were several products listed but I don't remember them all.

As far as fiber bars, I would steer clear of those because genetically modified organisms have been added to our entire food supply in one way or another. I do not trust "non-GMO" based on a couple videos available at the library. What I have learned and applied to my husband and myself confirm the information is valid.